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Headshot Photographer



Capture the essence of actors, authors, or models with close-up shots.

What does a Headshot Photographer do?

Photographers use their cameras to capture powerful emotions or events, and if you’re a Headshot Photographer, you chase the most elusive image of all – a flattering shot of the human face. Harsh lighting, shadows, and a bad hair day top the list of things that can ruin an otherwise stunning shot.

A host of clients come to Headshot Photographers for professional headshots, and their needs are as diverse as they are. One woman wants a romantic image for her wedding invitations, while another needs a sexy headshot to send to modeling agencies. Then comes the Author who needs a nice photo for the dust jacket of his new book, and the list goes on.

An insider’s knowledge of photography equipment and lighting lets the Headshot Photographer craft a scene designed to capture a nice batch of shots. Strong shadows? Time to add more lighting. Harsh angles? Ask your client to tilt his head a smidgen to the left.

Then it’s on to where the real magic happens. The click of the camera turns into the click of a mouse as you use your favorite photo editing software to clean up your work. Flyaway hairs and acne are no match for you.

What really attracts your clients – your outstanding photography skills aside – is your knowledge of how to fit the photo to the occasion. A Politician wouldn’t want her headshot described as fun and flirty, after all. A pinch of common sense paired with artistic flair produces shots that keep your clients coming back.

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