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Hunt down the best candidates and lure them in with attractive offers.

What does a Headhunter do?

A Headhunter is a highly-skilled Recruiter who “hunts” down employees for a company. As a Headhunter, you use your networking, research, and negotiation skills to fill executive positions within a specific company.

Let’s say a company is looking for a Nuclear Scientist who is an American citizen, speaks German and Italian, and is willing to move to Antarctica. This is not the type of person you find roaming the street, so as a Headhunter, you will need all of your skills to find him/her. The process starts with research. You study the industry, the hiring company, and the competition. Then you use that information to formulate a specific list of qualifications.

Next, you tap into your outstanding network of professionals. These are people high up the ladder in many different industries. They are your peeps, your contacts, your informants. They help you identify key players that might fit the bill. You continue your research by examining trade associations and other groups who list all of the Nuclear Scientists worth mentioning.

Once you’ve narrowed your roll call to the select few worthy of the offer, you start contacting them. They probably aren’t looking to change jobs, but that doesn’t bother you because you sell them—convince them they must accept the position. You set up the interview, negotiate the contract terms, and assist the new employee in his or her resignation at the old firm.

This job requires you to have a list of A-level executives, a Hunter mentality, and a dogged tenacity.