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Head Trimmer



Trim meat and organs from carcass heads for use im making meat products.

What does a Head Trimmer do?

Trims meat, glands, and organs from carcass heads for use in making meat products or processing for medicinal use or byproducts, performing any combination of following tasks: Places head on table or in holding hooks and trims skin and meat from jaw, jowls, and skull with knife. Cuts fat from lean meat and drops it into containers. Inserts knife into mouth cavity to cut and remove tongue. Trims fat, ragged edges, veins, and bruises from tongue. Cuts and pulls hog snout from head, using knife and snout-pulling machine. Pulls jaw from skull, using jaw pulling machine, bar, or chisel. Places skull on block and splits it with automatic splitter or cleaver. Removes brains, pituitary gland, and other parts, and places them in separate trays. Removes horns from head, using shears. May be known according to duty performed as Brain Picker; Chiseler, Head; Jawbone Breaker; Jowl Trimmer; Snout Puller; Splitter, Head; Temple-Meat Cutter; Tongue Cutter.

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