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Head Teller



Train new Bank Tellers and correct money-handling mistakes for your bank.

What does a Head Teller do?

A Head Teller is a little bit of Cheerleader mixed with a whole lot of Manager. As a Head Teller, you work in a bank and oversee the other Tellers while they work. You answer any questions they may have and encourage them to give the best possible customer service.

In a bank branch, the Head Teller is the go-to person if any of the Tellers has a work-related problem. You explain confusing products that the bank offers, train new Tellers, and help educate them when a new financial option rolls out. If a Teller runs into a customer who has an issue with the service, or if they need help figuring out what financial product to suggest to a customer, you’re the one they call.

Another big responsibility of your job is verifying money amounts. At the beginning of the day, when the Tellers count out their tills, you double-count to make sure they have the correct amount of cash. You do the same thing at the end of the day, checking transactions against the amount of money brought in. You keep track of the amount of money the bank has in its vault, and order more from the US Treasury when things start to get low.

Like any Manager, you deal with a lot of paperwork in your job. You hire, fire, and do the annual review of Tellers, as well as arrange for the training of new ones. You create schedules, get shifts covered, and help out Tellers when the bank is busy.

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