Head Start Teaching Assistant

Help low-income students succeed through in-class tutoring.

What does a Head Start Teaching Assistant do?

Teachers often need a head start, too. A Head Start Teaching Assistant watches over the class, leads group activities, and assists with lesson planning so the Head Start Teacher can focus on teaching and interacting with students. Head Start Teaching Assistants lend a helping hand so Teachers can get ahead in daily planning and avoid falling behind on lessons.

Your responsibilities as a Head Start Teaching Assistant vary widely depending on the Teacher you work with and the rules set up by the school’s Principal. One day, you may find yourself creating puppets out of paper bags, and the next day, you’re showing the class an anthill. If the Teacher is ill, you substitute and take over her lesson plans for the day.

Head start programs offer low-income children preschool education, and it’s your duty to see that they receive the best education available. Why talk about clouds when you can go outside and look at them? The job allows you to embrace your inner child as your class colors, finger paints, and explores the world around them.

Communication plays a vital role in your job as well. You meet frequently with parents to tell them how their child is doing and to encourage them to keep that cycle of learning going at home. One student may love reading while another likes hands-on activities. By cluing parents in to what their children react to best, you help the kids grow and thrive as they prepare for elementary school.