Head of Content

Choose and produce content for a magazine, newspaper, or website.

What does a Head of Content do?

Like a frame without a picture, a vase without flowers, or a plate without food, a publication without content is both worthless and empty. As the Head of Content, it’s your job to fill vacant pages with purpose.

Sometimes known as a Director of Content, you’re version 2.0 of an Editor-in-Chief. Employed by Publishers wanting to entertain readers, corporations wanting to engage customers, nonprofits wanting to interact with donors, and governments wanting to inform citizens, you’re in charge of populating media with messaging.

That could mean choosing news for newspapers, or developing articles for magazines. It could also mean deciding what topics to address in email newsletters and blogs, or overseeing the text, photos, and videos that appear on websites. Always, however, it means taking an empty vessel-a piece of paper or a computer screen-and filling it with stuff that people can read, click, and watch, either for entertainment or for education.

Your daily duties as a Head of Content include creating an editorial mission, vision, and voice, and developing and implementing editorial strategies. You also align editorial and business goals, while supervising staff and budgets. In addition, you generate editorial ideas and concepts, and oversee the planning and production. And on top of all that, you develop new business opportunities that allow you to monetize, expand, and promote your content.

Traditionally, businesses have executives in charge of finances, human resources, operations, sales, marketing, and technology. Today, they also need someone who’s in charge of information-and that person is you!