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Head Coach

Make the final call about plays, starting line-ups, and team strategy.

What does a Head Coach do?

Two sides meet on the field, and they engage in a lengthy battle. Elaborate rules dictate what the combatants can and cannot do. Some combatants are injured and must be replaced. At the end of the battle, one side emerges victorious.

If this lengthy battle is, in reality, an athletic competition instead of a war, a Head Coach works as a sort of general, training and managing the troops.

In the world of professional athletics, Sports Recruiters hire the Athletes, and a board of Directors hires the Head Coach. When you’re the Head Coach, the first step you take is to win over your team. To do this, you give rousing speeches and talk up your history. Then, you spend one-on-one time with each member, learning how that Athlete operates.

Assistant Coaches or Sports Coaches often run the practice sessions, but you’re heavily involved in what those sessions entail. You might develop exercises, drills, weightlifting routines, or scrimmages, and you show the other Coaches how those tasks should be done. Sometimes, you supervise the practice sessions and shout out corrections.

The role you play during an actual competition varies depending on the sport you’re coaching. In most cases, however, you determine which members will play at a given time, and you tell the Athletes what plays to use to win the game. During breaks, you motivate your Players with speeches, words of encouragement, or even curses.

Referees often have a significant role to play during a game, and you defend your Players against bad calls. Sometimes, you run onto the field, yelling and waving your hat. Other times, you keep your calm and ask for a revision in a polite manner.