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Head Bander and Liner Operator

Operate machines that glue headbands and superlinings to the book bodies.

What does a Head Bander and Liner Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine to glue headbands, paper lining, and superlining to backs of book bodies prior to binding, according to specifications: Reviews work order to determine setup specifications. Sets feed guide and holding clamps to book size. Installs rolls of cloth, paper lining, and headbands. Sets feeds to cut linings and headbands to book size. Fills glue reservoir and tightens nuts to secure glue rollers, using wrench. Starts machine and runs sample book through machine. Inspects sample to determine if headband and lining are securely attached. Resets feeds, guides, and holding clamps of machine as necessary. Feeds books singly, back down, into machine. Removes books from machine delivery table and stacks them. May fill endpaper feed with endpapers of specified size. May position books singly, back up, in machine, apply glue to back of books, linings, headbands, and endpapers by brushing, feeding between saturated rollers, or holding material against saturated brush, and attach headband, linings, and endpapers to backs of book bodies manually when rebinding books for reuse. May operate machine arranged in tandem with other bookbinding machines.