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Hazmat Technician



Dispose of dangerous substances in a safe manner.

What does a Hazmat Technician do?

A Hazmat Technician responds to emergencies that involve potentially dangerous substances. As a Hazmat Technician, you identify the hazardous materials and decide how best to dispose of them. Materials that you commonly handle may include asbestos, lead, mercury, mold, radioactive waste, and nuclear waste.

You have a basic understanding of chemistry, though a Hazmat Technicians doesn’t have to be a Scientist. Since you’re responsible for identifying the substance, you must know the chemical, physical, and toxic properties of many hazardous materials. This knowledge helps you pick the safest way to remove, transport, and dispose of them.

The nature of your work poses a threat to your health, so you take many precautions while working. For example, you likely wear disposable and chemical-resistant clothing, safety goggles, gloves, and masks. You spend a great deal of time on your feet, and the safety garments have a tendency to get hot and uncomfortable, so you must have stamina.

It’s also important for you to be incredibly detail-oriented. Not only are you concerned with your own safety, but you’re also responsible for the safety of the general public. If the walls of a school have begun to crumble, exposing asbestos, it’s your job to protect the students and remove the substance. The public’s safety is in your trained hands.

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