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Hazardous Materials Manager



See to the safe storage, transport, and discarding of dangerous substances.

What does a Hazardous Materials Manager do?

A Hazardous Materials Manager helps companies and facilities safely store, use, and dispose of harmful materials.

When you’re a Hazardous Materials Manager, the materials you handle include asbestos, mercury, lead, arsenic, mold, and nuclear waste, not to mention bio-hazardous waste like blood and used syringes. No matter the material, if it’s corrosive, reactive, toxic, or flammable, it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s handled properly.

For example, you might make sure the materials are stored in the right containers and properly labeled. You also see to it that they’re securely loaded and unloaded when they’re transported from one place to another. In addition, you ensure that it’s safely disposed of or destroyed when it’s time to discard it. In the event of an emergency leak or spill, you also head up the clean-up efforts.

Because the government often sends inspectors – Nuclear Inspectors, Industrial Waste Inspectors, and Environmental Compliance Inspectors – to check companies’ compliance with environmental regulations (and punish their noncompliance), you are most often employed by large corporations. However, you might also work for the government, or another kind of organization. Plus, your expertise can be used in areas other than just hazardous materials-that means you could find yourself in a related field like environmental protection, safety, or security.

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