Hazardous Materials Freight Forwarder

Handle necessary paperwork to ship hazardous materials around the world.

What does a Hazardous Materials Freight Forwarder do?

Moving products from one location to another can be a hassle. Not only is the sender at the mercy of shipping schedules and costs, but she must also make sure the shipment is properly addressed and packaged, and the postage is paid. Now imagine that “package” is a cooler of hazardous material that needs to travel from Utah to the Philippines. Hazardous Materials Freight Forwarder to the rescue!

The thought might make the average person panic, but not the Hazardous Materials Freight Forwarder! That’s because as a Hazardous Materials Freight Forwarder, you know how to get it there. Not only how, but who the most reliable provider is, what day you can expect it to arrive, and what paperwork is mandatory for it all to be legal.

In this job, the challenges keep coming. As businesses hire you to figure out how to ship hazardous materials, you quickly discover that no two jobs, and no two countries, require the same protocol. And there will be hang-ups—frequently. One phone call might tell you that the paperwork is incorrect because the customer bought on credit; another might reveal an incorrectly packaged item.

Most of the time, though, you manage to carry it off without a hitch because you take all precautions to make sure the item is correctly packaged, handled by qualified personnel, and Inspector -approved, and will get the approval stamp from Customs Agents. In addition, you negotiate price and other contract details to ensure an uneventful plane, train, boat, or automotive transport.