Hay Farmer

Run a business cultivating grass for fodder.

What does a Hay Farmer do?

The job of a Hay Farmer is a bit different from what you might imagine. A modern-day Hay Farmer grows, sells, and distributes hay for profit, but must run a business as well.

As a Hay Farmer, you typically wear many hats throughout your workday. Relying on your training in agricultural science, communications, earth science, and business, you fill the role of several occupations all falling under the Hay Farmer title.

For example, when you walk out the door before sunrise and the tractor doesn’t start, you become a Mechanic. If you can’t do the tractor repairs yourself, you call someone else in.

As you survey the area and notice that one part of your field is not growing as well as the others, you then become an Investigator attempting to figure out the cause. Whether the area has insufficient water supply or the soil lacks certain nutrients, you solve the problem to increase your profits.

When the day is done and you hit the books, you must also be able to account for your expenses and income. Finding ways to increase your profits, either by reducing your expenses or by increasing your production, is always essential as a Hay Farmer.

Your excellent communication and negotiation skills are vital, too, as you work to find the buyer willing to pay the most for your hay.