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Hatchery Manager



Keep the business and the animals flourishing at a poultry farm.

What does a Hatchery Manager do?

Hatchery Managers keep the country well fed with poultry by overseeing the day-to-day operations of poultry farms. With their many poultry-related talents, they keep everything in proper working order. Even though the term “poultry” technically includes ducks, game birds, pigeons, and geese, in this instance, it refers to chickens and turkeys alone.

As a Hatchery Manager, you work with Agricultural Inspectors, Poultry Scientists, and Safety Inspectors, making sure the equipment runs properly and the eggs hatch. A background in biology, agriculture, mathematics, business, and computers provides the working skills you need to be successful as a Hatchery Manager.

A typical workday may include everything from checking the eggs to repairing equipment to balancing the books back in the office. For example, when an incubator fails to maintain the temperature required to bring the eggs to the hatching stage, you can either spend time and money waiting for a Repairman, or tackle the project yourself. When the incubator is running properly again, you make your way back to the computer to finish the payroll paperwork so your Hatchery Workers get paid.

Attention to detail is critical in this job, as you must keep highly detailed and accurate records on production, expenses, supplies, orders, and equipment. These records are necessary for accounting purposes, as well as for determining what factors lead to a successful hatch. For instance, if you switch types of feed for your animals and your successful hatch rate suddenly drops, you need to document it so you can make the necessary adjustments.

If all this sounds interesting, put aside your fears of chicken-and-egg jokes, and get to work keeping hungry mouths fed and the agricultural industry alive!

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