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Hat Trimmer

Replace and sew hat trimmings or ornaments to the cleaned hats.

What does a Hat Trimmer do?

Replaces and sews hat trimmings, such as linings, hatbands, ribbons, and ornaments on cleaned hats, by hand or using sewing machine: Cuts ribbons and leathers to length, using scissors. Folds ribbon to form bows and other ornaments, and stitches them to hat. Bastes linings and ribbons to hat, using needle and thread. Blind stitches leather to hat to form sweatband, by hand or sewing machine. Folds ribbon to form binding, by hand or uses sewing machine equipped with binding attachment. May cut and rip out stitches to remove trimmings before hat is cleaned. May scrub lining ribbons and bows of women’s hats and press them with hand iron. May reshape artificial flower ornaments by hand to freshen them.