Hat Forming Machine Operator

Tend hat forming machines that mat together fur fibers into hat cones.

What does a Hat Forming Machine Operator do?

Tends hat-forming machine that mats together fur fibers into hat cones: Positions perforated metal cone on revolving turntable of machine that draws fur fiber onto metal cone. Closes doors of machine to preserve vacuum around metal cone. Depresses pedal to start conveyor belt that deposits preweighed amount of fur fiber in dome of machine. Observes fur flow onto cone and opens doors at completion of fur dumping cycle. Wraps damp cloth around felt cone and places metal cover over cloth. Carries cone from machine turntable to platform of sinker. Depresses pedal that lowers cone into heated water to strengthen fiber cohesion. Releases pedal to raise cone from sinker and removes cone. Removes cover, cloth, and felt cone from perforated cone. May tend machine that converts sheets of woolen fiber to form hat cones and be designated Wool-Hat-Forming-Machine Tender.