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Hat Finishing Materials Preparer

Mix and blend finishing greases and coloring powders for making felt hats.

What does a Hat Finishing Materials Preparer do?

Mixes and blends finishing grease and coloring powders used in manufacture of felt hats: Pours specified amounts of ingredients, such as oil and lanolin into blending pot, following formulas and using measuring containers. Places pot on heated range and stirs ingredients to blend mixture, using paddle. Places rolls of greasing or pouncing cloth in processing pan and pours mixture over rolls. Turns knobs to activate oven and places processing pans in oven to heat rolls of cloth in mixture for specified period. Removes pans from oven at end of processing, affixes batch labels to rolls, and carries rolls to specified storage area. Refines dye powders, using powder-refining tumbler machine, and weighs and blends refined powders according to formulas and work order specifications, using scale and automatic mixing machine. Labels and stores blended powders, according to color, in specified storage areas.