Hat Finisher

Tend machines that finish or buff felt hat bodies to polish their surfaces.

What does a Hat Finisher do?

Tends machines that finish felt hat bodies, performing any combination of following tasks: Tends machine that buffs or sands hat bodies to smooth or polish surface [BUFFER; POUNCING-LATHE OPERATOR]. Tends machine that applies grease and wax to hat body to finish and stiffen body [GREASER OPERATOR]. Tends machine that trims brim to specified width [ROUNDING-MACHINE OPERATOR]. Rubs hat to remove surplus fur fibers and smooth surface of hat, using sandpaper. Rubs coloring powder onto hat bodies, using powder-filled cloth bag, or sprays powder onto hat with compressed-air gun. Presses hat brim to smooth and shape brim, using hand iron. May be designated according to part processed as Crown Finisher; or type of hat processed as Wool-Hat Finisher.