Hat-Blocking-Machine Operator I

Saturate felt cones in water and tend machines that stretch the felt cones.

What does a Hat-Blocking-Machine Operator I do?

Saturates felt cones in water and tends machine that stretches felt cones to form hat shapes: Places felt cones in container of hot water or on racks in steam cabinet to condition cones. Removes conditioned cone from water or cabinet and pulls cone onto hat block. Positions hat block on holding device in bed of machine. Presses levers to close machine claws that grasp rim of cone and pull rim outward to form brim. Starts ram that forces block upward into cone to shape crown. Presses lever or depresses pedal to spray water and force air through cone, or pours water over cone to stiffen cone. Releases levers and removes hat from machine. Places hats on wheeled racks. May be designated according to type of hat blocked as Wool-Hat Blocker.