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Harvest Worker

Pick fruits and vegetables by hand during harvest time.

What does a Harvest Worker do?

The job of a Harvest Worker begins when crops have matured and it’s time to gather and sell them to consumers. Around this time, many Farmers and Growers start looking for people who can help pick and harvest their fruits and vegetables. This is where you step in.

But before you start imagining yourself growing rich as a Harvest Worker, you should know two things about the job. First, it doesn’t pay much (as in minimum wage). And second, it’s usually seasonal. This job follows growing seasons, and you’re only needed on a farm as long as there are grown plants to pick.

Depending on the type of farm you’re in, you might work only in the summer, or you might start in the summer and work until December. Harvest Workers often travel from farm to farm around the country, following the work as it shifts through the seasons. This is very physical work, and oftentimes done by immigrants.

Jobs are as varied as the types of crops that can be harvested. You might spend your days picking berries or apples. Or you might dig potatoes or harvest peas. You can work on small family farms or get hired by big corporate farming operations.

No matter where you work, though, the job description remains the same. You pick, weed, plant, and do anything else necessary to get the crops harvested. You might drive a tractor, carry boxes full of produce, hoe the ground, or water freshly planted seeds.

You may not be the Farmer or the Farm Manager, and you may just be another set of hands in a field full of Harvest Workers. But remember, without those hands, the job won’t get done as quickly and efficiently.