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Harpsichord Maker



Build custom harpsichords using math and carpentry skills.

What does a Harpsichord Maker do?

With the hands of a Carpenter and the ears of a Musician, a Harpsichord Maker designs and assembles the piano-like harpsichord. The Harpsichord Maker knows how to tighten every string and place every screw to create the jaunty, biting melodies the harpsichord makes. From the sturdy wood of the body to the delicate detailing on the instrument’s surface, the Harpsichord Maker crafts it all.

If you’re considering a career as a Harpsichord Maker, chances are you love music. It takes a deep understanding of the instrument to build it from scratch. Planning, painting, and polishing – you oversee every step, whether following blueprints or your own designs.

Yet mathematical knowledge and carpentry skills play an important role in instrument creation, too. Accurate measuring and cutting makes the difference between a sweet melody and a jarring tune.

Often, Harpsichord Makers are self-employed. You have a large studio or other workspace filled with woodworking tools for cutting large pieces and hand tools for sanding and polishing the finished instruments. Each project takes days or even weeks to move from concept to completion.

Some works you create to sell in a store or online, while others are custom orders. Different shapes, sizes, woods, and finishes are just a few of the options your clients can select. No two harpsichords are alike. With each, you give the gift of music in a carefully handcrafted package.

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