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Harness Racing Handicapper

Determine the winning odds of each horse of each harness racing program.

What does a Harness Racing Handicapper do?

Determines winning odds on each horse of each race of harness-racing program by analyzing data, such as horses’ and drivers’ past performances, post position, and race distance, for use in racing publications: Reviews data on each horse entered in same race, such as past performance, assigned-racing classification, and race distance and reviews past performance of assigned drivers, and analyzes compiled data to estimate probable order of finish for each horse in each race. Assigns winning odds to horses by using estimated order of finish and standard-odds ratios, occasionally making adjustments of winning odds as dictated by judgment. Determines winning odds on horses in maiden races, based on breeding and qualifying-times data. Mails or telephones opening or revised winning odds to printers of racing programs and other harness-race publications.