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Harness Maker



Cut, assemble and join leathers and other parts of the harnesses.

What does a Harness Maker do?

Cuts, assembles, and joins leather and other parts of harnesses, following customer specifications concerning color and thickness of leather and size or type of harness, to fabricate new or repair damaged or worn harness: Traces outline of part on material. Cuts parts along outline from leather or canvas [CUTTER, HAND I]. Assembles and joins edges of parts, using needle and thread or stitching machine. Inserts harness strap ends through buckles, rings, or other hardware, and loops and joins end to body of strap, using stitching machine or hand riveting tool. Punches buckle holes in harness, using awl or punch. Carves specified design on material, using handtools. Laces leather thong around article to form decorative edge. Applies paint and liquid dressing to harness to produce glossy finish, using brush or sponge. Cuts lining from fleece, following pattern and glues it to inside of saddle or holster. May clean harness. May specialize in replacing damaged harness parts, such as bridle, breast, or body harness and be designated Harness Repairer.

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