Hardening Machine Operator

Tend machines that agitate fur felt hat cones preparatory to hat forming.

What does a Hardening Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that agitates fur felt hat cones to mat together interlocking fibers and harden cones preparatory to forming into hats: Wraps wet cones in burlap and wrings or places cones in extractor and starts machine to remove excess water. Wraps cones in woolen cloth and places cloth containing cones on rollers of hardening machine. Pulls handle to lower upper rollers onto cones and simultaneously start timed rollers that agitate cones and tighten fibers in tip of cones. Removes cloth containing cones and repeats operation to tighten fibers in brim area of cones. May inspect cones and work fibers into holes and thin spots, using fingers, to repair damaged cones.