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Hardboard Press Operator

Operate machines that press formed wood fiber mats into hardboard panels.

What does a Hardboard Press Operator do?

Operates line of machines to form wood fiber mats and to cut and press them into hardboard panels: Installs and adjusts stainless-steel cauls and screens, drive sprockets, chains, rollers, and cutoff saw, using handtools. Starts machine and cutoff saw. Observes gauges and turns valves to regulate water and steam pressure and to control temperature of press. Moves panelboard control switches to adjust pressing time and to synchronize timing of tiered feeding and unloading conveyors with elevator movement of tiered hardboard press. Observes forming of mat, cutting of panels, and pressing of panels into hardboard to ensure product of specified dimension and quality. May ride open elevator and flip end of panel in each tier of press to loosen it from hot pressing plate and facilitate automatic transfer to tiered unloading conveyor. May verify weight of sample panels, using scale.