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Harbor Police Launch Commander

Coordinate the patrol crew and direct the navigation of a power launch.

What does a Harbor Police Launch Commander do?

Coordinates activities of crew patrolling municipal harbor to detect and apprehend criminals and render assistance to persons in distress: Directs navigation of power launch. Assigns stations and duties to crew as required by occurrences during patrol. Rescues drowning victims, recovers bodies, and attempts to prevent sinking of ships in distress. Cooperates with federal or other law enforcement officers in detection and apprehension of criminals, such as smugglers and illegal entrants. Investigates suspicious vessels and establishments in harbor area. Reports navigation hazards, faulty navigation aids, and fires or marine accidents to authorities concerned. Receives orders from and reports activities to POLICE CHIEF or HARBOR MASTER, using radio or telephone. Inspects appearance and condition of vessel and crew for conformity with departmental standards. Maintains log of activities and fuel or other supplies consumed. Requisitions provisions and fuel. May participate in firefighting activities in dock area. May train crewmembers to rescue drowning victims, recover bodies, and prevent sinking of ships in distress. May be designated according to rank as Harbor-Police Captain; Harbor-Police Lieutenant.