Harbor Master

Direct the harbor police to enforce the regulations of the port districts.

What does a Harbor Master do?

Directs and coordinates activities of harbor police force to ensure enforcement of laws, regulations, and policies governing navigable waters and property under jurisdiction of municipality or port district: Confers with officials, such as port authorities, Coast Guard officers, and members of city council to establish policies, define responsibilities, and determine operating requirements. Issues general instructions and outline of departmental policies regarding water-traffic control, public safety, theft prevention, and apprehension of law violators to subordinate officers and confers with them to determine operating procedures. Authorizes or approves departmental expenditures, personnel actions, and department’s participation or assistance in activities not regularly assigned. Prepares periodic activity reports and annual budget. May evaluate work performance of captain and crew of ship. May direct rescue operations from patrol launch after major disaster, such as ship collision or downed aircraft.