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Handwriting Expert

Detect falsified documents and forged signatures.

What does a Handwriting Expert do?

As impossible as it may seem, there are ways to tell fake signatures from authentic ones, even if they’re nearly identical. As a Handwriting Expert, you know every last trick in the book!

Maybe it’s not something you’d like to admit, but you might have forged a note or two trying to get out of P.E. or an assembly with a really boring guest speaker. Luckily for you, the chances of your high school having a Handwriting Expert on staff are pretty slim.

When you’re a Handwriting Expert, Detectives, courts, and government agencies flock to you to get your opinion on forgeries and frauds. You may even be brought in to testify as a professional who can offer their expertise on evidence. A handwritten note may be a perpetrator’s alibi, and its authenticity could mean the difference between catching a criminal and putting an innocent man behind bars.

You utilize a lot of little tricks when distinguishing false handwriting from true. Hours of studying how people write and form letters with various implements allow you to spot the smallest discrepancies in loops and strokes.

You also have ways of knowing if a document, such as a letter, a will, or even tax records, has been altered or tampered with. If you’re given access to a basic lab, you can detect eraser dust or even scan for past writing that may have been bleached from the paper. Each method of tampering is illegal, and each falsehood you point out brings justice to light.