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Handbag Designer

Dream up the hottest handbag of the season.

What does a Handbag Designer do?

The job of Handbag Designer is a specialized position in the field of fashion design. As a Handbag Designer, you imagine and create the next big color, shape, material and overall look for purses and bags.

Like most fashion designs, handbag designs are created far in advance of production. In fact, production of next season’s designs can take between eighteen and twenty-four months. Forecasting trends this far in advance takes a lot of research; as a Handbag Designer, you look at previous sales, trends, fashion predictions and opinions of others in the business. This information helps you understand where the market is headed. You combine this knowledge with your own personal vision, then sketch out the next hot thing.

Until you become big enough to have your own line, you use this sketch to convince a head Designer and Sales Executives that your design is IT. To do this requires abounding confidence; fashion can be a pretty dog-eat-dog world, so you’ve got to enter a situation positive that you’re the best.

After you get the green light to make your bag, your next move depends on where you stand in the pecking order. If you are a new Designer or in a small firm you will do your own patternmaking and sewing, but if you’re a lead Designer in a big firm you’ll send out your pattern to workers who finish your creation while you oversee and coordinate their work.