Hand Violin Maker

Construct bowed musical instruments like violins, cellos and violas.

What does a Hand Violin Maker do?

Constructs bowed musical instruments, such as violins, cellos, and violas, using handtools: Selects wood according to type, grain, and seasoning. Lays out parts to be cut, using templates. Saws, carves, and shapes instrument parts, using handtools. Glues parts together, using jigs, forms, and clamps. Finishes surface with stain and varnish. Strings instrument. Plays instrument to evaluate tonal quality. Relocates bridge and sounding post, or shaves wood from bottom of instrument to improve tone. May repair bowed instruments [VIOLIN REPAIRER]. May construct fretted instruments [FRETTED-INSTRUMENT MAKER, HAND]. May repair fretted instruments [FRETTED-INSTRUMENT REPAIRER]. May rebuild and restore bowed instruments and be designated Violin Restorer.