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Hand Tube Winder

Tend machines that wind materials like asbestos around the mandrels.

What does a Hand Tube Winder do?

Tends machine that winds material, such as asbestos or felt paper around mandrel to form insulated pipe-covering: Places mandrel of designated size in winding jig and attaches end of sheet to mandrel. Turns mandrel wheel specified number of times to wind layers of liner, filler, and outer materials, such as adhesive coated asbestos, tar, corrugated and wool felt papers around mandrel. Cuts material from roll sheet, using knife. Lifts and turns mandrel to vertical position. Grasps and shakes tube to drop mandrel from center of tube. Stacks tubes on handtrucks and replaces mandrel in jig. May manually paste and wrap completed tube in canvas outer jacket. May tend machine that winds specified pattern of fiberglass filament around mandrel to produce tubular pipe.