Hand Tool Filer

File grooved, contoured and irregular surfaces of metal objects.

What does a Hand Tool Filer do?

Files grooved, contoured, and irregular surfaces of metal objects, such as metalworking dies and machine parts, to conform to templates, other parts, layout, or blueprint specifications: Studies blueprint or layout on workpiece, and selects files according to material, size and shape of work, and amount of stock to be removed, applying knowledge of filing procedures. Files workpiece surface to layout lines, and inspects with magnifying glass. Verifies conformity of finished workpiece by positioning workpiece against template or other part, or by measuring dimensions, using instruments, such as vernier calipers, micrometers, and surface gauges. Smooths and polishes workpiece with emery cloth or power buffer, and feels surface with fingers for smoothness. May lay out workpiece [LAY-OUT WORKER] or saw out template or layout [CONTOUR-BAND-SAW OPERATOR, VERTICAL]. May functionally test workpiece by mounting workpiece in press or with other parts and operating press or machine. May specialize according to product as Die Filer.