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Hand Thermal Cutter II

Dismantle metal assemblies or cut scrap metals to sizes.

What does a Hand Thermal Cutter II do?

Dismantles metal assemblies, such as automobiles, machines, building girders, and pipelines, or cuts scrap metal to size for shipping, using thermal-cutting equipment, such as flame-cutting torch or plasma-arc equipment: Connects hoses from hand torch to cylinders of oxygen and fuel gas, or turns knobs to adjust settings of arc-cutting equipment. Turns handle to open gas valve to specified pressure. Lights torch and adjusts flow of oxygen to obtain desired mixture, as indicated by color and size of flame. Directs flame on workpiece to heat it to oxidizing temperature, as indicated by color of metal. Squeezes lever or trigger to release additional jet of oxygen which cuts path through metal. Guides flame or arc across workpiece and observes cutting action to judge speed of movement. May change cutting tips or adjust gas pressure or arc-welding equipment to cut metal of different types and thickness. May climb ladders or work on scaffolds to disassemble structures.