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Hand Straightener

Straighten metal workpieces to blueprint specifications.

What does a Hand Straightener do?

Straightens metal workpieces to blueprint specifications, using handtools and knowledge of metal properties: Rolls workpiece on flat surface or mounts and rotates it between centers to ascertain irregularities visually or with dial indicator. Positions workpiece on surface plate or anvil and hammers workpiece at points of irregularity to straighten it. Hammers mandrel through cylindrical objects, such as pipes or tubing to remove dents or kinks. Measures straightened workpiece for conformance with specifications, using straightedge, micrometers, and calipers. May straighten workpiece in straightening press. May heat workpiece in furnace or with heating torch to straighten it. May be designated according to parts straightened as Tool Straightener; Straightener, Gun Parts.