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Hand Spring Repairer

Set up and operate forging and shop equipment to repair leaf-type springs.

What does a Hand Spring Repairer do?

Sets up and operates forging and shop equipment to repair leaf-type springs used in automotive vehicles: Raises vehicle body, using jack, and removes defective spring. Removes defective leaves from spring, using handtools. Measures broken leaves and cuts out replacement leaf blanks from steel stock, using flame cutter or power shear. Presses ends of main-leaf blank against disk of bench grinder to bevel blank according to size of eyes to be formed. Drills or punches bolt holes in blanks, using drill or punch press. Places ends of main-leaf blank in furnace to soften ends and shapes ends of blank into eyes, using eye-forming tool. Reheats leaves and arches them to required specifications, using peen hammer. Quenches spring leaves in oil to temper them according to specifications. Places graphite-impregnated lining between leaves to prevent friction. Bolts and clips leaves together and forces bushings into spring eyes, using bushing press.