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Hand Sole Sewer

Sew outsoles to custom-made shoes by hands.

What does a Hand Sole Sewer do?

Sews outsoles to custom-made shoe by hand: Attaches pig bristle to end of cord to make point that will enter awl holes easily. Waxes cord by drawing it through ball of wax. Marks guideline around welt of shoe. Softens sole with water-soaked sponge. Cuts groove, using grooving tool, along line of marking on sole to make channel stitch. Cuts groove in welt along marked line to make invisible stitch. Makes hole through welt and sole with awl. Inserts one end of cord through hole and draws it about halfway through. Punches another hole and inserts both ends of cord through hole from opposite sides to form lock stitch. Continues punching and stitching operations in straight line, locking threads each time. Pounds down sole, using shoemaker’s hammer, and levels off sole by rolling round piece of wood forward and backward over sole until surface is smooth and even. Smooths stitching with piece of flat bone if stitching shows on welt.