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Hand Soft Metals Engraver

Engrave letterings and ornamental designs on soft metal articles.

What does a Hand Soft Metals Engraver do?

Engraves lettering and ornamental designs on soft metal articles, such as silverware, trophies, aluminum or plastic eyeglass frames, and jewelry articles, according to sketches, diagrams, photographs, or sample workpieces, using engraver’s handtools: Lays out design or lettering to be engraved on object by brushing chalklike powder or solution on item and sketching design in powder, locating reference points, and marking outline of design on item, using scribers or gravers, or by imprinting design on surface of item, using inked rubber stamp, and marking outline, using scribers. Mounts piece in chuck and affixes chuck in jeweler’s ball or mounts piece directly in jeweler’s ball. Cuts design in workpiece, using chisel-like engraving tools. May sketch original designs. May be designated according to kind of product engraved as Engraver, Flatware; Engraver, Jewelry; Engraver, Optical Frames; or according to specialty as Engraver, Lettering; Engraver, Ornamental Design.