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Hand Scraper

Scrape metal workpieces with handtools to smooth machine ways.

What does a Hand Scraper do?

Scrapes metal workpieces with handtools to smooth machine ways, surface plates, and bearing surfaces to ensure free action of parts: Positions workpiece on worktable, in vise, or in fixture, and secures it with clamps and wrenches. Files and grinds burrs from workpiece. Applies pigment to surface plate with brush, cloth, or sponge. Positions workpiece and surface plate against each other, rubs one surface against other to determine high spots. Selects hand scraper and scrapes workpiece surface to remove high spots indicated by pigment pattern. Repeats operation until pigment pattern is even over work surface. May inspect workpiece for conformity to specifications, using such instruments as dial indicator, height gauge, master, surface plate, and gauge blocks. May use powered hand scraper. May polish and buff steel articles, using portable polisher or buffing brush [POLISHER AND BUFFER II].