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Hand Router Operator

Trim metallic and nonmetallic parts to provide cutouts for windows.

What does a Hand Router Operator do?

Routs and trims metallic and nonmetallic parts and materials to provide cutouts for windows, air vents, and tubing runs, used in manufacturing transportation equipment, such as aircraft and railroad cars, using portable router and handtools: Selects and installs specified type and size bit and collar combinations in hand router, guided by template, jig, or fixture markings or information obtained from blueprints and specifications. Positions and secures parts or materials to be routed, template, and router guide on router board, jig, or fixture, using bolts, screws, clamps, handtools, and power tools. Moves router along guide to cut openings in parts and materials or to trim excess material. Grinds, smooths, or deburrs parts, using handtools or power tools. May drill coordinating holes in parts or materials, using drill motor.