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Hand Model

Use your gorgeous hands to help sell products through ads or commercials.

What does a Hand Model do?

A Hand Model is paid to have their hands showcased in print and television advertisements. To be a successful Hand Model, you need to have some darn nice hands, and-as they’re your bread and butter-you’ve got to keep them very well groomed. In fact, some Hand Models even choose to wear gloves on a daily basis to minimize the risk of unsightly blemishes.

As with any other type of professional modeling, you’ll probably need an Agent to break into the business. There are Agents who specialize in the field (called Parts Model Agents), and they can be your best asset in attaining the modeling jobs you desire. They will be the liaison between you and the client, helping you book the shoots and negotiate your rate of pay.

Remember though that a reputable agency will never ask for any money up front. They’re paid when your first big check rolls in!

Make sure to be prompt if your Agent sends you on a casting call. Your reliability will enhance your reputation and aid in the booking of future jobs.

Even though your hands are being spotlighted, you will want to project an attractive appearance overall. Bring your portfolio and be polite. It will be much easier for your Agent to get you good gigs if you’re known as someone who is professional and easy to work with.