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Hand Lens Polisher

Hand polish optical elements.

What does a Hand Lens Polisher do?

Hand polishes optical elements, such as lenses, prisms, and optical flats, to finish element or remove defects, using jeweler’s rouge, polishing cloth or device, precision measuring instruments, and jeweler’s lathe: Examines surface of element to detect defects, such as stains and scratches, and measures element to determine amount of finish required, using precision measuring instruments. Rubs rouge onto chamois, using jeweler’s rouge stick, or onto polishing device mounted on workbench, using sponge. Rubs chamois over surface of element or oscillates element against polishing device to remove defects from element. Mounts element on spindle of jeweler’s lathe, starts lathe, and holds rouge-coated chamois against element to finish element. Verifies dimensions of finished element, using precision measuring instruments, and examines elements to ensure all defects have been corrected, using magnifying glass. Cleans finished elements, using lens cleaning solution, cloth, and paper.