Hand Launderer

Wash, dry, and iron articles in hand-laundries and laundromats.

What does a Hand Launderer do?

Washes, dries, and irons articles in hand-laundries and laundromats, using equipment, such as hand iron, and small washing and drying machines: Sorts articles on worktable or in baskets on floor to separate special washes, such as fugitives and starch work. Loads and unloads washing and drying machines, and adds detergent powder and bleach as required. Folds fluff-dry articles preparatory to wrapping. Presses wearing apparel, using hand iron [PRESSER, HAND]. Assembles, wraps, or bags laundered articles for delivery to customer. Some hand laundries are machine-equipped and only touching-up is done by hand iron; in others, some articles, such as flatwork and shirts, are sent to larger machine-equipped plants.