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Hand Hard Metals Engraver

Lay out and cut letterings and designs on surfaces of hard metals.

What does a Hand Hard Metals Engraver do?

Lays out and cuts lettering and designs on surfaces of hard metal for hobs, dies, and molds or plates used to imprint designs on paper, metal, plastic, or porcelain products, following sketches and blueprints, and using engraving tools: Computes dimensions of lettering and design, and marks or scribes layout lines on workpiece, using drawing tools, such as straightedge, compass, and scriber. Positions workpiece in vise and cuts designs in surface of workpiece or trims precut designs, using gravers, punches, files, hammer, and shaped chisels. Sharpens and forms cutting edge of gravers on cutter grinder [TOOL-GRINDER OPERATOR]. May sketch original design for customer. May enlarge or reduce reproduction of pattern according to size of article to be made. May brush surface of metal with acidproof paint to prevent corrosion. May be designated according to type of imprinting device engraved as Stencil Maker.