Hand Former

Bend and straighten cold and hot metal plates, bars, and structural shapes.

What does a Hand Former do?

Bends and straightens cold and hot metal plates, bars, structural shapes, and weldments to angles, curves, or flanges as specified by drawings, layouts, and templates, using form blocks, fixtures forming bars, sledge, power hammer and portable grinders: Lays out reference points onto workpiece and form blocks, using tape, compass, radius bar and applying knowledge of geometry, effects of heat, and physical properties of metal. Sets up and bolts or clamps fixtures, dies, and forming bars to form block to outline specified contour. Heats metal, using furnace or hand torch. Lifts, positions, aligns, and clamps or bolts workpiece to form block of fixture, using tongs or hoist. Bends workpiece, using bar or by hammering with sledge or mallet. Straightens out warps or bumps by hammering against face block or by heating with hand torch. Chips, trims, and grinds edges to specified contour, using chipping hammer and portable and stand grinder. Verifies size of workpiece, using ruler or template. May operate hand-powered machines, such as roll, brake, or bender. May be designated by product formed as Tool Bender, Hand.