Hand Former Helper

Assist Hand Formers to bend and straighten metal bars and plates.

What does a Hand Former Helper do?

Assists FORMER, HAND to bend and straighten metal bars, plates, structural shapes, and weldments, performing any combination of following tasks: Transports tools, fixtures, stock, and workpieces manually or by truck. Places metal in furnace or heats metal, using hand torch. Bolts, or clamps fixtures, dies, and shims onto forming block, using hand wrench. Lifts, moves, and clamps workpiece onto forming block or fixture manually or using hoist. Bends workpiece to specified shape, using pry bar, hammer, sledge, or mallet. Measures work to ensure conformance to specifications, using template, rule, or straightedge. Marks or tags identifying information onto finished work. Chips or grinds and trims rough or sharp edges from workpiece, using hand grinder, shears, hack saw, or air chisel. Cleans dirt and grease from tools and equipment. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.