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Hand Finisher

Fasten grommets, and hand sew reinforcing patches, ropes and rings.

What does a Hand Finisher do?

Fastens grommets, and hand sews reinforcing patches, ropes, rings, and snaps to such canvas products as awnings, sails, and tents: Sews reinforcing patches, ropes, snaps, eyelets, and rings to specified areas of canvas, using thread, palm, and needle. Measures and draws grommet holes on canvas with ruler and pencil. Cuts holes and fastens grommet to canvas using hammer, punch, and wooden block, or operates grommet machine to fasten grommets to canvas [EYELET-MACHINE OPERATOR]. Splices rope and wire to metal fittings, seizes ends and sews to canvas. Threads ropes through grommets or ties to canvas. May taper rope by shaving it with knife, and sew rope to canvas. May repair defective canvas by patching or replacing ropes or grommets. May be designated according to type of article finished as Awning Finisher; Sail Finisher, Hand; Tent Finisher.