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Hand Cutter I

Cut out, shape, or trim materials to facilitate subsequent operations.

What does a Hand Cutter I do?

Cuts out, shapes, or trims material or articles, such as canvas goods, garment parts, hats and caps, house furnishings, or knit goods, to facilitate subsequent operations, using scissors or knife: Unrolls and lays out material along calibrated scale on cutting table or measures material with ruler and cuts material into lengths, using scissors or knife. Positions pattern or template on material or marks around pattern or template, using chalk or pencil, and cuts out parts, using scissors or knife. Cuts notches in edges of parts to mark them for assembly. Shapes or trims excess material from parts. May match materials for color or shade. May cut or trim knit goods, using hot-wire device. May mark identification numbers on parts. May spread cloth on table in single or multiple lays prior to cutting. May assemble and fold articles after cutting. May be designated according to type of material or article cut as Applique Cutter, Hand; Bedspread Cutter, Hand; Blanket Cutter, Hand; Canvas Cutter, Hand; Curtain Cutter, Hand; Drapery Cutter, Hand; Garment-Parts Cutter, Hand. May be designated: Hat-And-Cap-Parts Cutter, Hand; Knit-Goods Cutter, Hand; Terry-Cloth Cutter, Hand.