Hand Candy Dipper

Dip candy centers, fruit, or nuts into coatings.

What does a Hand Candy Dipper do?

Dips candy centers, fruit, or nuts into coatings to coat, decorate, and identify product: Scoops liquid coating material onto slab of heated dipping table and kneads material, such as chocolate, fondant, or icing to attain specified consistency. Drops candy into mass and swirls candy about until thoroughly coated, using fingers or fork. Removes candy and marks identifying design or symbol on top, using fingers or fork, to identify type of center or brand. May decorate top of candy with nuts, coconut, or other garnishment. May mix coating ingredients and dip candy into vat containing coating material, regulating vat temperature to maintain specified consistency. May pour liquid chocolate into molds to form figures [CANDY MOLDER, HAND]. May be designated according to type of center dipped as Bonbon Dipper; Cherry Dipper; Cream Dipper; Pecan-Mallow Dipper; or according to type of coating as Chocolate Coater; Icing Coater.