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Hand Bander

Fasten plastic or metal bands around stacks, or bundles.

What does a Hand Bander do?

Fastens plastic or metal bands around stacks, bundles, or palletized articles prior to storage or shipment, using strapping tool and clamps: Counts number of articles to be banded to verify number specified on work order. Unwinds plastic or metal banding material from reel, wraps band around stack or bundle, inserts loose end of banding material into strapping tool, and cinches and crimps banding material and clamp with strapping tool to secure articles during storage or shipment. Counts and records number of banded bundles. May operate hydraulic jack lift or truck to move articles before or after bundling. May cut lumber or other reinforcing material, using handsaw or power saw, and include reinforcing material in bundle or nail lumber together to protect articles during storage or shipment. May stack bundled articles on pallet by hand. May band articles to pallet to secure articles for moving. May mark or stencil size of article, customer’s name, order number, address, or other identifying data on visible portion of bundle or shipping ticket with markers, brushes, or paint.