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Hairspring Assembler

Assemble, inspect, and adjust watch hairsprings and balance assemblies.

What does a Hairspring Assembler do?

Assembles, inspects, and adjusts watch hairspring and balance assemblies, using watchmaker’s tools: Attaches hairspring to collet and stud [COLLETER 715.684-066; STUDDER, HAIRSPRING 715.684-186], and assembles parts of hairspring and balance, using punch, staking tool, tweezers, and other watchmaker’s tools. Overcoils spring [OVERCOILER 715.684-150], and trues spring [HAIRSPRING TRUER 715.381-058]. Poises balance wheel. Locates vibrating point [HAIRSPRING VIBRATOR 715.381-062]. Inspects and adjusts hairspring and balance assembly [INSPECTOR HAIRSPRING I 715.381-066].