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Hair Simulation Supervisor

Mimic the natural movement of hair for animated films.

What does a Hair Simulation Supervisor do?

Every aspect of modern-day filmmaking is alive with wonder, creativity, and new technology. The colors are well defined, the images crisp enough to touch, and the audio clear. It all draws the viewer into the virtual world, forgetting that it’s just a movie.

But, when one stops to ponder how the Cinematographers create magical worlds, impossible scenes, and realistic characters, it’s obvious that much credit goes to the Graphic Designers on the project. The Hair Simulation Supervisor is one of many specialized Artists who bring the movie to life.

As a Hair Simulation Supervisor, you specialize in hair. Yep, just hair-or so you think. Have you seen the movie Tangled? Did you watch how those luscious blonde locks came to life, whipped through the air, and trailed the character in a natural flow?

What about Fred Flintstone, the seven dwarfs, or Sleeping Beauty? Those Santa Claus whiskers and perfect Belle hairdos are no accident, but rather a result of the talents of the Hair Simulation Supervisor.

Not only are you a master of three-dimensional images, but you’re also an Artist. You look for shadows and lighting techniques that make the hair look real. You design each strand, direct its movements, and control its look for each phase of the animated film. That means analyzing how it flows when the princess tosses her head, adding highlight colors to a single image in order to complement the surrounding activity, and most of all, making every strand of hair in the movie look so natural that the audience never doubts it’s real.